Cloud Document Management Solutions

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Main Features

Secure storage

By leveraging on top Cloud Service Providers' sophisticated defense infrastructure, data stored in the cloud is safe with the right access control

Scalable service

As market demands are never static, Lattical offers you the flexibility to downsize or upsize the infrastructure and service in near real-time

Reliable system

Having built-in redundancy in the cloud, it ensures the continuity and consistency of your service in times of crisis. Automation reduces human-error

Document Imaging

Converts your hardcopy documents into digital files that can be searched easily and stored securely in the cloud

Data Management

With Lattical Cloud, you can store and manage your data securely, efficiently and cost-effectively

Cloud Printing

Allows you to print any digital files over the Internet from any devices like smartphones and laptops through a secure connection between the cloud and printer's local network

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